About Katrine

Singing, playing the harp, conducting and directing a theatre troupe, teaching, creating and coaching are all part of Katrine’s life.

Originally from Denmark I moved to London at an early age to join the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This lead to quite a few years as a freelance artist on the London stage. Eager for new experiences I moved to Paris, France. One of the major challenges involved in that was learning French! I now live in the south of France.

I think we were born to be creative.

When doing a show or a talk on creativity, people in the audience would come up and ask me questions about their projects, how to start this, how to accomplish that, and this sent me thinking that perhaps I could be of service to budding or to confirmed artists.

I started to have a good look at how successful artists got past creative blocks, how they got to be productive and how they eliminated fears and got rid of limiting beliefs. I also noticed that we sometimes find excuses not to be as creative as we could be and I find that lack of time is one of the big ones! We lead such busy lives that it’s quite understandable that we just don’t take the time to be creative. It’s one of the first things to go when everyday life gets too busy with jobs, kids and what have you. But this is such a shame. In fact I believe that we would all be a lot happier if we set aside some time to our creative outlet be it cooking, photography, writing or creating your very own masterpiece. I think we were born to be creative.

Life just sometimes leads us astray. But we have to get back on track and start creating. Today I help my clients reconnect with their creative side. I help them MAKE THE TIME to be creative despite being mums or dads, working full-time and feeling generally stressed out. What I find is that it’s all connected: You’re hurrying around, trying to look after your kids, trying to do your best at work, trying to keep your home in order, trying to stay healthy and I could go on. I think we have to realize that sometimes LESS IS MORE. We have to stop in order to realize what’s important to us and then we have to do just that and not all the rest. When you get your priorities right everything else falls into place. When you manage your time your stress level goes down AND you find the time to be yourself, to take care of yourself and to get that masterpiece off the ground. If this all seems impossible for you to achieve, just think about a book: it gets written one word at a time, one page at a time. If you write a page per day, in a year you’ll have… 365 pages! This is so important to realize. We can all do it, we can all create that thing we were meant to create but we might just need a little help to get organized. I can be that help.

Today, I help you uncover your potential

In one-on-one coaching programmes, workshops or courses, I help clients get past their fears and become more productive. Together we find ways to eradicate illnesses such as perfectionism and self-criticism and, of course, the scourge of the present day, lack of time !

Working with me will give you the tools to make your personal as well as your professional life more fun and more fulfilling. It’ll also open the door to the unexpected : who knows what you’ll find on the other side ? 


Guest speaker at Réveil Créatif !

Invited by Réveil Créatif, I had the opportunity to talk about my experience at La Dynamo, Toulouse. If you speak French 😉  you can watch it here

“When I’m not creating do I really exist? “To create” and “to live” could be synonyms. Creating would then be like breathing. This would mean that it would be innate and that everybody would be able to do it, indeed ought to do it. You create in order not to fall into the trap of a life dedicated to routine, dictated by society; you create in order to replace a humdrum life with one where you can say “I see familiar things from a different perspective” and “I take risks that make me grow!”

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