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Give Yourself Permission

Life can easily become a struggle but that’s because you let it. If you start buying into the idea that there’re no alternatives to strife that’s when you can lose faith and courage. But the good news is that there’re always different ways of doing things so that life [...]


Self-care is not about the number of massages you get, the affirmations you practise or the healthy food you ingest. All these are of course efficient tools you can use to honour your body and mind, but they in no way constitute the blueprint for self-care. Self-care is not [...]

Letting Go of What Other People Think of You

Do you experience crippling fear at the thought of what people might think if you went on holiday without your children? If you showed up at a parent/teacher meeting with your new lover? If you had a double dessert at a restaurant? If your socks weren’t the same colour? [...]

Emotional Wellbeing

We choose so many things in life. In fact, we get up in the morning and the choosing begins: what shampoo to use, what to have for breakfast, what clothes to wear, what to say to your family, how to get to work… the list is endless and for [...]

Limiting Beliefs

Explore what life could be like once you let go of the protection of limiting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs serve the purpose of protecting us. We tell ourselves that we cannot do this and become that. Once we've shut the doors to these possibilities, we feel more comfortable. In fact [...]


We’re sometimes our own worst enemies. We say, think and believe we want something and then we go about doing everything NOT to get it. Isn’t that strange? Well, it’s called self-sabotage and it comes from our core beliefs about ourselves, the beliefs, or as I call them, labels, [...]

What Emotional Wounds Can Do To and For You

We are all shaped by our past experiences and they make us what we are today. But how much of this is something that you have consciously chosen to be and how much is something you’ve just taken on, without questioning it?   Emotional wounds are what you get [...]

Setting Healthy Boundaries – Practise saying “NO”

Setting healthy boundaries is incredibly simple, but unfortunately simple is not synonymous with easy. We need to have healthy boundaries in place in order to protect and respect ourselves. If you haven’t got any boundaries in place, you’re leaving the door open for people to take advantage of you. [...]


What is self-love? Is it being selfish, always putting your own needs before those of others? Is it feeling entitled, catering and making everybody else cater to your needs, whims and desires? Of course, it isn’t! Nothing could be further from the truth. People who engage in this sort [...]

Negative Self-Talk: If You Talked Like This to Others, You’d Be a Very Lonely Person

If you are somebody who engages in negative self-talk and you started talking to other people the way you talk to yourself, you’d probably end up a very lonely person because nobody would want to be around you! So why is it that some of us feel compelled to [...]

3 Reasons For Not Feeling Good Enough and How to Overcome Them

It is frankly absurd when you think of it that an overwhelming majority of the population has got the feeling of not being good enough. This begs the question: good enough for what? The answers are varied and the feeling of not being good enough covers just about everything [...]


I enjoy a glass of champagne at the Ritz as much as anybody but there’s no chance of my thinking that this pleasure is something I MUST HAVE! Something I can’t live without. Having a glass of anything at the Ritz is so much of a luxury that few [...]

FEAR: 7 Steps to Overcome It.

All animals, including the slug, are born with the ability to feel fear, and human beings, being animals, have that capacity too. Fear has kept us out of danger. Fear is an automatic response; we don’t consciously decide to be frightened. Our subconscious picks up on a danger signal [...]

11 Simple Confidence Building Tips to Grow Your Wealth

By Guest Blogger Bonnie Gortler, the Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach "Wouldn’t you like to feel better about money and be on a path to journey to wealth?  With some simple financial planning, along with some changes with what you are doing now, you can build your confidence and [...]

9 Steps to Making a Sound Decision NOW

You might not agree with me when I say that FEAR is a useful emotion but it is. Fear has no doubt saved you from doing something dangerous that could have put your life at risk. So when it comes to making sound decisions, you don't want to ignore [...]

Habits at your Service! Changing and Choosing Your Habits

Habits are useful. They allow us to save time. There’s no effort, no energy, no willpower involved so habits free up the brain to think, to have insights or to be inspired! Habits also mean that we can avoid making decisions. If the brain has to make too many [...]

Goalsetting; set a firm intention and commit to it!

Maybe you've tried setting goals in the past and then failed to achieve them. Maybe this has really disappointed you and made you loathe to try setting new goals. To top it all, there are lots of encouraging messages which say that if you want to increase your success [...]

Don’t let your emotions run your life!

When you let your emotions run your life, it's easy to get into overwhelm and stress. After all, there's no controlling emotions, is there? So here are some thoughts and exercises that can shift you out of your emotional roller-coaster and into a place of calm control. It's all about [...]

Writing Things Down Can Be Your First Step in Taking Action

If you're looking for a powerful tool to propel yourself into action, try writing things down! Starting to write things down could be your first action step. It'll allow you to clarify your ideas, hone in on your insights and cultivate your inspiration! Just in case you needed some persuasion, here [...]


How to get over it and start building a relationship with yourself. So you’re heartbroken. Because he or she left. Or because you realised that you had to end it. The reasons don’t much matter because it hurts the same! We know that time heals all wounds but we’d [...]

The Enduring Joys of Savouring

Have you ever been reminded that it’s the little things that count? And have you ever wondered what that could mean? Broadly speaking, it means that it’s not every day that you get a promotion, it’s not every day that you get married or have a child, it’s not [...]

Tweak your Morning Routine

Here's something I just wanted to share with you. Maybe it can inspire you to tweak your morning routine a bit. Maybe you're saying something like: "My morning routine has got nothing wrong with it!!!" and maybe you're right. But wouldn't it be fun to try something different? It's [...]

Life as a Journey

Some people see life as a journey. I like that metaphor because I feel the possibilities in it, don't you? You know where you come from and you can decide where you want to go, but ANYTHING can happen once you start going. And then all you can do [...]

Hygge Day 9

What I love about Christmas is that it obliges those of us who adopt the Christmas spirit to spend time with people we usually choose... not to spend time with. And this could be for a good reason or can I say excuse? Like having to work to make [...]

Hygge Day 8

A lot of people get into a state about Christmas presents. Now why would you want to do that? You have to admit that it's a lovely idea, a real  hygge booster! What could be lovelier than offering something that you've selected with care to somebody you care about?  [...]

Hygge Day 7

Hygge is about inclusion. That is at any rate the analysis that experts have come to when they've tried to find out why Danes are so happy! But that also means that hygge becomes impossible when somebody's excluded. You simply can't hygge when somebody's left out! That's why hygge [...]

Hygge Day 6

Hygge is about connection, well-being and inclusion. Meik Wiking from the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen has a lot to say about that. Imagine having a happiness institute! Danes not only esteem themselves happy, scientific research backs them up! So what are they doing that makes them so happy? [...]

Hygge Day 5

A sure way to get into hygge is storytelling! Haven't you noticed how everybody quietens down as soon as somebody shares a good story? If you don't feel like inventing or telling a story, maybe you could read one! I mean aloud! To somebody else! Maybe you've got a [...]

Hygge Day 4

Are you the sort of person who takes nisser to be trolls? Nothing could be further from the truth: trolls typically live in forests, under rocks, and nisser live in houses! You've got one right under your nose, your very own husnisse! Have you made his acquaintance or are [...]

Hygge Day 3

One of the most important ingredients of hygge is a candle. Candles in all shapes and forms are good but for Christmas, you want to create your own julepynt, don't you? I imagine that you do. Homemade julepynt can be so much more fun than the ready-made decorations that [...]

Hygge Day 2

If you know anything about hygge, you'll know that candles are a vital part of hygge and in particular the hygge that we enjoy coming up to Christmas. So why are candles such a vital part of hygge? Because as you may know or imagine, Denmark is not the sunniest [...]

Hygge Day 1

If you saw people chatting, smiling, perhaps even laughing, visibly enjoying each other's company, what would you call the scene? Enjoying the moment? Being together? Chilling out together? Well, in Denmark, we've given a name to this atmosphere of well-being. You could say that it's at the opposite of [...]

How to stop mental chatter and start meditating!

Learning how to manage everyday stress is also learning to listen to yourself. And meditating can be an excellent way to achieve it! BUT, just between us, you’ve already tried it and the whole experience wasn’t really a success... Sitting with your legs crossed or in lotus? Just the [...]

Learn how to take time for pleasure

Start right now to reduce stress by taking the time to enjoy a few moments of pure pleasure in your busy life! Let’s take a look at your lunch break. Is it a moment of exquisite pleasure? If not, here’s what you need to do: Don’t just swallow anything, [...]

“Take control and start living your life in the present!”

Living in "Automatic Mode" or in "Standby Mode" after an evening where you've had a few drinks or after an exhausting day is something we all are familiar with, isn't it ? But in our everyday life, do we switch off the auto pilot? What are the actions that we do [...]

“What AM I thinking”

A lot of us are overwhelmed by the sheer number of thoughts we have in a day! “Tell me something new,” you might be saying. But did you know that roughly 60.000 thoughts pass through our brains a day and that 95% of them are identical to the ones [...]

How to learn time management

Welcome to this video series on how to learn time management “I don’t have the time, I can’t manage, it’s impossible, I won’t be able to, I should’ve but I couldn’t…” The list goes on and on, with words like these that testify to the rhythm of [...]


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