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“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”  – Dolly Parton

If you’ve seen a photo of me and compare it to one of Dolly Parton, I’m sure you could find very little that we have in common ! Indeed, I don’t mind telling you that I don’t know a lot about her. The music I’ve been playing all my life is classical and that is the music I most enjoy listening to. But what I CAN admire in Dolly Parton is not her style in hairdos, make-up or music, but the way that she’s uncompromisingly herself ! Take it or leave it ! I mean, you can like it or not, that’s not what I’m talking about. 

What I’m talking about is that nobody can accuse her of trying to please or playing small, can they ?

She knows that she’s ENOUGH! Wouldn’t you like to share that feeling ?

That’s why I chose this quote.

It sums up beautifully what we’ll be doing during The Art of Being Me program.  First of all, we’ll be diving into who we are because haven’t we sometimes lost track of that ?

Don’t you just sometimes wonder whatever happened to the child you used to be ? Don’t you sometimes feel that you’ve strayed a long way away from the person you set out to be ? Don’t worry ! That person is still there. We just need to get in touch with her.


The Art of Being Me, a special program with Katrine Horn Coaching.

What you’ll get out of the program 

These are the benefits you’ll get from following ( assiduously 😉 ) The Art of Being Me !” :

  •  Self-confidence ( and don’t we all need that ? )
  • A lifestyle that fits you like a glove ( Why ? Because you’ve chosen it ! That’s why. )
  • An end to stress and feelings of overwhelm ( How come ? Because you’ll be organised and no more doing what’s not supporting you )
  • Good communication ( zero maintenance relationships ) and healthy boundaries
  • Looking (and feeling) your absolute best ( Is that possible ? You bet it is 😉 )
  • Using your creative gifts to increase your sense of fulfilment (Yep, you can do it,  just wait and see ) !
  • Finding your purpose in life!!! ( We’ve all got one or more. What’s yours ? )
  • Doing and being so much more that you ever dreamed of  (Flexing your new-found muscles )
  • Creating your dream life, because you deserve it ! 🙂 

When we’ve found out who it is we really are, then it’s time to put it into practice.


About the form and content of the program.

It lasts one whole year. I could just tell you that it would take 6 weeks. Six weeks to discover your real self and then… then what? When I’m asking you to commit to a whole year, it’s because I know that that’s the time it’ll take to achieve LASTING change. 6 weeks just wouldn’t do that and I’m sorry to disagree with anybody who’ll promise you that it’s possible. Realistically speaking, I don’t think it is. Also, when you start this exploratory work, you might sometimes be tempted to quit. Sometimes it all just seems like too much hassle and if you could, you might feel tempted to opt out. I don’t want that to be a possibility that could even enter your brain! I’m going to hold YOU accountable and I count on getting results. Sometimes it’s when things seem the most difficult that breakthroughs occur. Count on me to remind you !

Monthly themes

  • Who am I ?

    • Self-esteem
    • My chosen life-style
    • Core values, prioritising, getting rid of what’s not supporting me
    • Getting organised (to free up time for me)
    • Relationships
    • This is who I am : intermediate result
  • Doing it on purpose

    • Looking my absolute best
    • Getting creative
    • Living my purpose
    • Surrounding myself with the people of my dreams
    • Creating the vision of my dream life

What we’ll be doing is

Two monthly group calls of one hour where I’ll talk about the month’s theme (see above for monthly themes). One at the beginning of the month to set us going, get practical and organised, and one at the end of the month to debrief, record results and CELEBRATE ! You’ll of course get to ask all the questions you like during the calls or make comments, offer support to others or “just” share your insights. I’ll also have a few experts come in when needed for extra information in the form of monthly podcasts.

We’ll also be creating community in the form of a secret Facebook group where everybody gets to share daily (if they so wish) their stumbling blocks or triumphs. There’s so much power in sharing. Those of you who know me will say that I care about my community, I won’t let your posts and messages go unanswered.

Can I just say how much I’m looking forward to creating all this with you ?  Write me an email and tell me a bit about yourself, please.

The Art of Being Me, a special program with Katrine Horn Coaching.

Tell me if you are in !